Crowdfunding Support

At the Northwest Progressive Foundation, we believe everyone should feel connected to their government, understand how it works, and know who represents them. We’re proud to financially support crowdfunding efforts that aim to bring to life projects to strengthen people’s mastery of civics and literacy skills.

To date, the Foundation has “backed” the following projects:

This Is What Democracy Looks Like, A Comic Book, A Road Trip

Produced by The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS), This Is What Democracy Looks Like, A Graphic Guide To Governance is the result of a collaboration of educators and world-class cartoonists and is designed to help teachers  prepare students to be empowered, informed, and civic minded.

Comics are an incredibly effective tool that engages even the most reluctant readers and this 32 page comic will be an inspiring classroom resource. A free study guide will also be available providing a robust lesson plan that includes a week’s worth of activities and discussion questions that aligns with a C3 framework.

Connecting CCS to classrooms is The Mikva Challenge, an inspiring non-partisan and non-profit organization that works with teachers, schools, and students throughout the country to close the  “civic empowerment gap” between low-income, minority youth and wealthier white youth and envisions “a stronger, inclusive democracy that values youth voice.”

One River, a Thousand Voices

With this project, 2018-2020 Washington State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna hopes to contribute to the literary legacy of the state by writing and producing a tangible and lasting object that will live in libraries across Washington to be enjoyed by everyone.

“One River, a Thousand Voices” celebrates the Columbia River’s energy, beauty and power.

It honors the resilience of Native peoples who for millenia have lived along its banks.

At this historical juncture with climate change, it is a call to consider our personal role as stewards of the natural world.

It offers a chance to interact with an innovative book form.

Claudia’s goal is to place this artists book in all 67 Library Districts and all 27 tribal libraries in Washington State.