NPF contributes to make LWV’s “They Represent You” possible

At the Northwest Progressive Foundation, we care deeply about connecting people to their government. We believe that for democracy to survive and flourish, people need to be politically active and engaged.

One of the questions we often ask when out forging relationships in the community is: Do you know who your elected representatives are?

Even if you aren’t a citizen, or a citizen yet, you are still affected by the decisions that local, state, and federal leaders make… and the power of your voice is just as important as your vote. But making your voice heard isn’t very straightforward if you don’t know how to contact the people who represent you.

Putting that information into the hands of more people is a challenge that our friends at the League of Women Voters have been taking on for years through their “They Represent You” (TRY) pamphlet.

This year, NPF is delighted to be able to financially support the creation and distribution of TRY.

At our January 2020 meeting, our board voted enthusiastically to make a contribution to the Seattle-King County League of Women Voters to fund the 2020 edition of TRY in Washington State’s largest jurisdiction.

Our gift to the League was made possible by your support and generosity during the 2019 holiday season. If resources permit, we will attempt to expand our giving to the League in the future to enable additional LWV chapters to receive funding to produce their editions of TRY as well.

Below, you can see the finished 2020 edition of TRY from Seattle-King County LWV. Please feel free to download it to your own computer.


If you would like printed copies, please let us or the League know. We would be grateful for your assistance in getting this crucial information into the hands of more voters.